The SASI Pledge for Quality and Safety

XYG Clinical of 400 N. Street, Pukipsi, FL 37678, having aspired to achieve the SASI Accreditation for the Quality and Safety of our Clinical Research Site at this location; and

Having successfully completed the SASI Exploratory Program, its required Clinical Research Quality Manager (CRQM) leadership certifications, an academic and operational review of the SASI-QMS:2023-2 Standard for the Quality Management of Clinical Research Sites and its Accreditation Protocol, and a SASI-reviewed self-assessment of our readiness for Accreditation;

We do hereto and hereby pledge, that following our participation in the SASI Exploratory program, we have renewed our commitment to build upon our aspirations to be accredited by SASI, and the evaluations of our readiness. We will continue to pursue our preparations to successfully complete the conformity review of all clauses of the SASI Standard and its “Keeping the Promise” work culture; and

As we continue our path to fulfill all clauses of the SASI Accreditation, we will sustain a safe and confidential clinical environment that thoroughly and effectively provides each trial participant with every reasonable feature of educational support and communications to achieve a completely informed consent to participate in our clinical trials, and with all timeliness and efficiency deliver the prescribed treatments and fulfill all trial protocols; and

We will carefully and accurately collect the relevant trial data and report it to the trial sponsor on a timely basis for the purpose of acquiring the most reliable information for medicines development and treatments, and

When we have completed all elements of the SASI Accredition, this page will be edited by SASI to indicate our Accreditation date along with the official "SASI Accredited" badge and serial number to be displayed on on our website and other documents, and

This page will be updated on the first day of each month so that our progress toward Accreditation can be confirmed. Our current status is "Candidate" and our goal is to be "Accredited" on or before September __, 202_.


Joseph A. Bloke, CEO

This __ Day of ________, 20__