Exploratory Program

Enrolling in the Exploratory Program is the way to begin your organization's journey toward accreditation. SASI has created the Exploratory Program to enable sites to experience and evaluate the benefits of accreditation before fully committing.

Benefits of full accreditation: 

  • Increase sponsor’s trust that your site produces reliably consistent data

  • Secure more studies as sponsors prioritize accredited sites

  • Engage and retain your best staff by supporting a quality culture

  • Reduce compliance risk with consistent quality standards

  • Minimize costs associated with poor quality

Benefits of Exploratory Program:

  • Receive expert instruction on the SASI Standard and its accreditation protocol.

  • Project scoping and gap analysis to determine your organization’s path to accreditation.

  • Learn the value of creating a "Keeping the Promise" work culture and certify two leaders to manage the task.

  • Be invited to take the "SASI Pledge," improve your site’s quality gaps, and immediately increase your market potential.


  • Up to a 6-month engagement

  • SASI liaison to review the Standard and the requirements for accreditation

  • Role play the conformity assessment with SASI Site Surveyor’s in discussions with your site leaders

  • Guided project scoping and gap analysis to determine your organization’s path to accreditation

  • Online quality culture training to accelerate, achieve and sustain conformance to the Standard


Sites will not be accredited through the Exploratory Program. The purpose of this option is for Sites and Site-organizations to learn about the standard, experience and evaluate the benefits of accreditation, and then decide on a course of action.


$4,944 per site

  • SASI (Site Accreditation and Standards Institute) is a fully independent Delaware nonprofit corporation operating as a "fee for service" (IRS 509 (a) (2)) organization. SASI is accrediting clinical research sites by assessing their conformance to the SASI-QMS:2023-2 Quality Standard announced in 2018 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • The liaison’s time providing support is limited to a total of 8 hours and for the services described.

  • Online training and 2 CRQM professional certifications by the Quality Management Institute.

  • For more information about SASI and its Accreditation Services click here.