SASI expects each Clinical Research Site (CRS) to approach this step in their own way.  After completing the Exploratory Program, each CRS chooses how they wish to start getting ready for accreditation.  A CRS may commit resources to quickly get accredited, while others may need a longer time.  There is no one right way to prepare for accreditation.

Options for initial tasks include:

  • Address gaps and risks discovered during the Exploratory Program

  • Expand the Exploratory Program to additional sites

  •  Improve your organization’s quality culture with SASI’s training partner the Quality Management Institute (QMI)

  • In getting ready for accreditation, the organization may choose to hire outside consultants to assist in the preparation process.  SASI neither encourages nor discourages sites from seeking outside help.  However, if sites desire, SASI can recommend organizations that provide consulting services.  To avoid any conflict of interest, SASI cannot provide such services.