The only global standard for clinical research site quality and safety

SASI Accreditation gives you

A culture of quality that encompasses your entire organization

Engaged and competent staff focused on quality

Recognition for excellence by sponsors and CROs

Adoption of the SASI standard ensures

  • A clear vision for a quality culture

  • Being grounded in GCP and focused on QM fundamentals

  • Proactive not reactive management of quality issues

  • Objectives and metrics that reflect priorities

  • Processes to ensure site members are empowered to succeed

  • Documentation systems for managing workloads and data

The problems with ad hoc quality management

  • Potential harm to study subjects

  • Data quality issues

  • Inconsistent enrollment

  • Multiple data queries

  • Extended audit review times

  • Risk of a site temination from studies

  • Loss of potential new business

Earn SASI Accreditation in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Exploratory Program

“Test-drive” accreditation with expert guidance and identify quality gaps and risks

Step 2


Make the improvements necessary for accreditation

Step 3


Complete/Receive the documentation to move toward full accreditation

By conforming to the SASI Standard, sites incorporate all processes needed to ensure quality. Begin your journey to accreditation by enrolling in the SASI Exploratory Program.