SASI Standard

The SASI Standard for Clinical Research Site Quality Management Systems (SASI-QMS) is the foundation of everything we do. It took a team of experts working with the British Standards Institute 4 years to develop, and SASI’s mission is to maintain and promote its worldwide adoption. To download a copy of the Standard, click here.

SASI Exploratory Program

SASI's leadership thought that it was unrealistic for Clinical Research Sites (CRS) to commit to becoming accredited without fully understanding what is involved.  So we created the Exploratory Program as a low-cost and low-risk way for sites to experience what SASI offers. For details on the SASI Exploratory Program, click here.

Quality Management Training

SASI provides supporting quality management training for leaders along with the Clinical Research Quality Manager (CRQM) Certification as part of its Exploratory Program. It is required in the Accreditation Process and is provided by our partner the Quality Management Institute. The Accreditation training and certification requirements have proven in the testing and validation of the Standard to enhance and enable the work of those responsible for remediating gaps in the quality management system and to significantly reduce the time required to complete the Accreditation conformity assessment.  Learn more here.

More Details About Accreditation

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SASI Accreditation

The expectation is that when Clinical Research Sites apply for an accreditation review, they have already worked extensively with the SASI Standard.  The CRS staff will use the SASI Accreditation Management Directory to document conformance with the SASI Standard, and during the process, SASI surveyors and site leaders may discover some additional non-conformance that must be addressed to achieve SASI Accreditation. Once SASI Surveyors have confirmed conformance, the site will be recommended to the SASI Accreditation Council for accreditation. To read more about the benefits, click here.

About the SASI Global Vision

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Begin your journey to accreditation by enrolling in the SASI Exploratory Program