SASI-QMS:2023-02 was originally envisioned and incubated by Greg Koski, PhD, MD and The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES). Acknowledgment is also given to Jan Mackereth-Hill, MB3 Healthcare Ltd., as the technical author who facilitated its development on behalf of BSI Standards Limited. SASI-QMS:2020-1 came into effect on October 9, 2019.

Acknowledgment is given to the following individuals that were involved in the development of SASI-QMS:2020-1 to 2023-2 as members of the Site Accreditation and Standards Initiative (SASi) and the Site Accreditation and Standards Institute (SASI):

SASI Steering Group Project Managers:

Larry Kennedy, PhD
Beth Leary DiGiulian, MSCS, CRQM
Reg Blake, CRQM
Terry L. Stubbs, MA, AS, CCRC, CRQM

SASI Steering Group Members:

Benedict C Albensi, PhD, BCMAS, CRQM
Bradley E. Waite, DO, CIP, CRQM
Illeana Karina Flores, BSBE, CRQM
James E. Riddle, MCSE, CIP, CPIA, CRQM
Laura Ardigo, MD, CRQM
Mary Westrick, PhD, CRQM
Michael A. Ellis, BS, CCRP, CRQM
Nonna Stepanov, MD, CCRC, CRQM'
Penelope M. Jester, RN, BSN, MPH, CRQM
Ruth E. Nemire, BSPh, PharmD, EdD, FCCP, CRQM
Steven Hirschfeld, MD, PhD, CRQM

Acknowledgment is also given to the members of a wider review panel who were consulted in the development of SASI-QMS:2023-2.